(Saju Nair- Dubai) Astounding collection of astonishing creations of exceptionally talented artist - This is what Dubai experienced on the early nights of 23rd June 2019, when Mr. Yasser AlGargawi, Director of Programs and Partnership - Ministry of Tolerance. Chairman of Dubai Theatres inaugurated the art exhibition titled "Season of Tolerance" organized by The Cartoon art gallery at their premise in Dubai supported by Reem Gallery. The event own its grace with a special gesture by all 15 participating artists of different nationalities handing over unique flowers to the chief guest which were placed into the vase presented by the gallery owner Mr. Melwin to form a beautiful bunch of flowers to celebrate the year of tolerance. Mr. Yasser AlGargawi states in his opening address that "Just as these flowers, which are different from each other but together they become a beautiful bouquet. I present this show - Season of Tolerance and announce the show officially open! "

Mr Yasser AlGargawi with Mr Ahmed Rukni, Ms Varsha Nair, Mr Peter Gressman
Mr Yasser AlGargawi with Mr Ahmed Rukni, Ms Varsha Nair, Mr Peter Gressman

Mrinmay Sebastin the gallery manager and the curator of the show says "This time I am happy to present artists with great talent who contributed towards different aspects of Embracing Tolerance. Tolerance with our self, emotions, with family, around us, in religion, races, gender and with nature are the key subjects chosen for this event. There was significant contribution showing tolerance and nature - to embrace Nature in however small way in our own way for a brighter, healthier and greener life in UAE. Along with the 15 talented artists Varsha is the youngest artist of this show who represents Tolerance with companionship and nature with skillful master strokes"

The exhibition which will be open for public till 30th of May 2019 is blessed with the amazing creations of unique artists from different nationalities like UAE - Roa Al Madani, Spain - Silvia Sanchez, Iran - Sarah Khaivazadeh, Syria - Rafah Abdulrazzak, USA - Emma Skinner, India - Guru Mahesh, Anju Rajan, Sumedha Randev Goel, Gwyneth Rasquinha, Neha Subramanian, Dhanada Birje, Varsha Saju Nair, Mrinmay Sebastian, Swapnil and Samiksha.

The Artists were given an opportunity to elaborate on the different strokes, techniques and themes used for giving life to their imaginations to the chief guest and other invited dignitaries.

Eminent Emirati artist Mr. Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi shared his views on the exhibition and he says "it's a great evening and I am very happy to be a part of this event. As UAE is celebrating 2019 as the year of tolerance, this exhibition carries a lot of importance in the current world. Here we find the unity between artists of different nationalities, religions and cultures. I am sure that there will be lots of positive takeaways for artists and art enthusiasts who have come here today and for those expected to be here in coming days as well"

Eminent Emirati artist and Fine art expert Mr. Faisal Abdulqader and Mr. Peter Gressman, Founder of Art Forum - UAE also graced the event the share their valuable feedbacks to the artists.

Conclusion of a great evening and a highly-recommended exhibition where the talent meets the theme - on behalf of Televisonario2, we wish all the artists a successful exhibition.

Review 23 June, 2019